Product Care

Please read our product care information to get the best out of your Personalised Gifts.


Our dummies at Precious Gift Company are laser engraved so the Personalisation is permanent and will never come off. This is great when personalising dummies as they can be sterilised.

Swarovski Dummies

Although the marking is permanent these CANNOT be sterilised and the gem will come off. Although great care has been taken when applying the gems Precious Gift Company cannot guarantee they will not come off. A spare gem will be supplied so please be sure to check the packaging.

Non Toxic Glue is used.

Glitter Clothing

All of the clothing we offer is 100% cotton. They can be machine washed on warm and CANNOT be tumble dryed. Please take care when ironing over the glitter. This is best done with the steam setting on the iron turned off.

PLEASE NOTE – Products where the care instructions have not been followed will not be replaced or refunded.